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Our aim is to cover the lack of quality services in yachting, moving one step forward and offering an exceptional yachting experience with our owned yachts, our bases and our experienced team.

Upgrade Your Booking

There are 3 types of renting a boat depending on your preference, the basic, the comfort and the luxury one.

We are ECO Friendly

We use ECO friendly products such as cleaners, personal care cosmetics, clothing, etc. Keep calm and join us on the green side.

Our Charitable Character

We donate the unused packed food to charity organizations and we organize tours and daily cruises for them offering the chance of coming closer to sea.

About Us

After many years of experience in the Shipping Industry and following our passion for yachting, we have now proudly moved to the foundation of Yachts Society, a family owned yachting company based in Greece.

In Yachts Society, our clients are unique and have the chance to design the type of holiday they dream,
as they can chose among two different vacation packages (comfort or luxury), depending on what best fits their needs. We use Eco friendly products in our packages as our company commits to fully respect the environment while maximizing customer experience.

Yachts Society has two bases, one in Alimos Athens Marine and one Mykonos island, to serve the needs of the most demanding customer.

Depending on your preferences, you can book a yacht either from Athens or Mykonos to explore the Aegean Sea, Greek Islands as well as many other yachting destinations. Yachts Society is here to provide you with #the real yachting life.

You can simply choose your preferred package and destination, and we will be there to give you the ultimate experience. We are dedicated to a high level of services and an elegant hosting environment while transmitting you our love and passion for the sea.

Yachting is a family affair for us.

Our selection of yachts and locations around Greece allow you to have precisely the type of yachting experience you wish

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Press Release

  • Skipper On Deck Yachting & Sailing Magazine

    That’s why Yachts Society is charting its own path into the sea and yachting with innovative ideas adapted to the new era. The Yachts Society started and remains a family company. Only in this way can we maintain the high level of service and continue to respect our charterers. Our fleet includes catamarans, classic sailing yachts, motor yachts – privately owned in majority – on two bases, Athens and Mykonos.”. >>>

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