Everyone has heard of Mykonos, the most famous island in the Aegean and the most popular destination in Greece, and in the world, for travellers of all types. Satisfy your appetite for luxury and adventure in this cosmopolitan island that provides whatever you desire!

Voted the top summer holiday destination time and again for good reason: exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants, legendary parties, expensive yachts, dreamy villas, luxury hotels, beautiful people, 5 star service. Mykonos will seduce you. Awash in its iridescent Aegean light, which it shares with neighbouring Delos, you will be transformed. Put your finger on its pulse and you’ll fall hopelessly in love.


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Multilayered, multidimensional Paros will offer you whatever you desire, leaving you free to choose the holiday of your dreams. In the most popular cluster of islands in the Aegean, the Cyclades, Paros gives you the chance to enjoy the holiday of your dreams.

If you want to spend your days swimming, you’ll find beaches large and small, secret and well-known. If you chase the wind, you’ll rejoice in the plentiful world- famous beaches for kitesurfing and windsurfing.


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When you disembark at the picturesque harbor of Antiparos, an enchanting aura will seduce you. White houses with blue brush strokes, paved alleys with bougainvillea and eucalyptus and an overwhelming atmosphere of optimism and positive vibes will welcome you.

It is an island that combines beauty with history and archaeological interest, nightlife with moments of relaxation and peace, intrepid hikes on nature trails of exceptional beauty with water sports.


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Santorini erupts with charm. A volcano embraced by the Aegean, this island-phenomenon in the Cyclades gives its visitors a mythical experience.

Santorini – also known as Thera in Greek – is the island immortalized by poets and painters, thanks to its celebrated light, multi-coloured cliffs and picture-perfect sunsets.

On this island all senses are magnified, a product of its many contrasts: black earth against whitewashed homes clinging to the cliffside, or wild volcanic sculptures against sleek Cycladic lines.


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Grandeur and serenity. That’s what you feel when you enter the streets of Hora and the monastery. For many years, during Orthodox Easter and all summer long, Patmos has been frequented by intellectuals, artists, royalty and celebrities from all over the world. Small and secluded yet spectacular all the same, it is the island of The Apocalypse, “The Jerusalem of the Aegean”, and has a deep relationship with religion.

Mystical experiences await you here in the Dodecanese: In the dark cave where St John the Divine wrote the book of Revelation, the Monastery of St John the Theologian, and the labyrinthine streets of Hora with its impressive aristocratic homes. Visit and discover an island-monument that Unesco has declared a World Heritage Site.


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Get to know the most exotic island in the Aegean. The island where the Venus de Milo was discovered, and one of the most impressive islands in the Cyclades. Volcanic rocks paint the beaches red, pink and orange. Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, with their white rock formations, emerald green waters and caves eroded by the sea, are steeped in stories of pirates.

The catacombs, the exotic beaches, the multicoloured Klima, Emborios and Mandrakia, with their quaint buildings cut into the cliffs, and Plaka’s sunsets… All of these cry out in unison: Milos is unique.


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Poros is a little island in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, close to Aegina and Agistri. Perched on the slopes a hill, overlooking the vast Aegean sea and the opposite Galatas, Poros Town is the center of the island’s activity. What’s more, in the picturesque Poros Town, you’ll find a great selection of Poros hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants, and taverns.

Its proximity to the rest of the Saronic islands also makes Poros island Greece the perfect base for island hopping in Greece! So, your best bet is to combine your Poros holidays with getaways to Aegina, Agistri, and Hydra, for the ultimate Saronic experience.


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Aegina is the island closest to Athens. Here you’ll enjoy ancient temples, stone-built Byzantine churches, a delightful old-fashioned port town, delicious local pistachio nuts, and a swimming season that lasts until late autumn.

This charming, welcoming island will entice you as it has thousands of others from around the world, who have chosen to make it their second home.


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The aristocratic island of Hydra invites you to experience its beauty that has enchanted international jet setters, artists like Chagall and Picasso and musicians like the late great Leonard Cohen.

The port town is cosmopolitan and elegant, with its 18th-century mansions, captains’ homes, old churches, and marble-flagged steps that serve as streets on this steep island. A trip to take you back in time.


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Τhe sea captains’ island, Spetses promises la ‘dolce vita’, whether for a quick weekend getaway or a long holiday. Have a leisurely coffee in Dapia, as you look across the sea towards Kosta and Porto Heli on the Peloponnese.

Walk along the waterfront, past the handsome mansions below St Nicholas’ church, to the Old Harbour with its traditional boatyards. Then visit the Bouboulina and Hatzigiannis-Mexis museums.


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Monemvasia means “one entrance” and in fact the only access to this castle is via a causeway. This uniquely preserved mediaeval town is carved into the majestic grey rock like a sculpture. The “Gibraltar of the East” or a “stone ship” about to set sail, as the famous Greek poet Yannis Ritsos described his birthplace, is calling you for immediate boarding for a journey through time. Wander around the vaulted alleyways, churches and aristocratic mansions.

Take a swim in its crystal-clear waters and sample its delicious cuisine and legendary wine. Follow in the footsteps of knights, pirates, crusaders and emperors, who all fell under the spell of this mythical place in the Peloponnese. Here time stands still, and you’ll become one with history.


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Dry, bare and rugged. The land of the prickly pear bristles with forbidding tower houses, stone villages, Byzantine chapels, delightful coves and astonishing caves. Mani. The people here are frugal and close-knit, still adhering to centuries-old bloodlines and family ties. Barricaded behind the crags of Mt Taygetos and ready for battle, the Maniots developed a powerful sense of autonomy, answerable to no one.

What you, the visitor, see today is only what they consider permissible. But you’ll be overwhelmed with images of authentic Greece, because here in this corner of the Peloponnese, at the second-most southerly tip of continental Europe, everything is dramatic and bewitching.


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Once you get to know Kythnos, you will realize why its name is derived from the ancient Greek verb “keftho”, which means “hide”. There is so much hidden beauty and authentic Aegean character here, even though it’s just a short hop by ferry from Athens.

Picturesque Cycladic villages boast narrow streets of cobbled stone and gardens full of flowers; chapels emerge from rocky headlands and forest glades; a sprawling coastline reveals a hundred bays and coves, all suitable for swimming; caves make the ideal hideouts for fairies and elves; and castles stand in sturdy defiance of enemy onslaught!

And then there are the aromas of oregano and thyme, windmills put to task by the Aegean winds and lonely lighthouses whose light imparts a sense of safety and hope. This is Kythnos, a living fairy tale inviting you to experience it together with its hospitable residents, an island ready fall in love with.


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Evocative landscapes, lively traditions and a relaxed atmosphere: unforgettable holidays on the island of balance and harmony. Among the Cycladic islands, Sifnos stands out for both its architecture and natural beauty. Once a thriving gold and silver mining location, it has, since ancient times, cultivated a reputation for the finer things in life. Today, the island combines the picturesque with a rich tradition in cuisine and crafts, along with a high-level infrastructure in tourism. Despite its refined culture and “Cycladic chic” ambience, Sifnos retains a low profile that instils a sense of peace in the visitor.

The island offers a wide array of beaches, from Panagia Chryssopigi, where you can dive from rocky ledges to more organised swimming at Kamares, Platys Gialos and Vathy. For those who prefer to avoid crowds, there is Fykiada, accessible on foot, and if you rent a yacht or have your own boat the island has multiple small, secluded natural bays to enjoy.


Port Authority: +30 22840 33617
Police: +30 22840 31210


Two small islands where exotic beaches, pure Cycladic beauty and great food come in big measures. No, you’re not in heaven! You’re on Pano (upper) or Kato (lower) Koufonisi, two island gems which, together, are known as Koufonisia. With Iraklia, Donousa and Schinoussa, they make up the Small Cyclades – not just because they are less well-known than their more illustrious island neighbours, but because they contain everything magical about the Cyclades and radiate it in abundance.

Beautifully clear water, sand that glistens like fairy dust and caves for outlawed pirates of years gone by and today’s more adventurous travellers. Savour the flavours and enjoy music inspired by nights under the moon. There are spots here where the fun never stops, as well as plenty of secret places for peace, tranquility and complete relaxation.


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Police: +30 22850 71375


Syros is at the same time cosmopolitan and Cycladic, stately and traditional, Orthodox and Catholic … where can be on the beach in the morning and in the theatre by night. The capital of the Cyclades, Syros is an island of many faces. Even its main town, built on two hills, has a dual identity. Ermoupoli (Hermes’ town) is stately and grand, topped by an Orthodox church. And above it, Ano (Upper) Syros is a typically Cycladic village but crowned with Catholic monasteries and churches.

The contrasts blend attractively, from the marble-paved squares in the port to the fairy tale mansions of Dellagratsia. This is a place you could live in all year round, so much is there to do. You’ll find it easy to fit into the daily life, where the traditional and the classic are as sweet as a Syros loukoumi (Turkish delight).


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